The Rise of Demand for Responsible Travel and Are You Ready for it?

一    Harsh Shah
|    September 26, 2023

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World Tourism Day on 27th September serves as a compelling reminder for the hospitality sector, a significant contributor to energy consumption and waste generation, to take steps to reduce its footprint and promote sustainable tourism. 

The concept of sustainable development has emerged as a global imperative and critical in the realm of tourism.  82% of Gen Z & millennials prefer eco-friendly holidays in 2023, compared to 72% of Gen X & 64% of boomers. Source: American Express Travel Report.

How do we ensure Sustainable Tourism?

Preserving Nature’s Bounty & Supporting Local Communities 

Unsustainable practices endanger tourist destinations and their ecosystems. Responsible tourism nurtures local economies, reducing dependence on unpredictable trends.

Government Leadership in Sustainability 

For instance, Dubai’s DET sustainability initiative, sets a vital example through policies, conservation, and education

Hospitality Industry’s Green Transition and Financial Stability 

The hospitality industry’s green transition, though an initial investment, ensures long-term stability. Specialists with sustainability skills are required in assessing financial viability and delivering sustainability returns. 

Global Collaboration for Sustainable Tourism 

From the Middle East to the world, public and private entities unite for sustainable tourism growth. Industry-led frameworks from World Travel Tourism Council, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and certifications guide the way, ensuring responsible practices are at the forefront. 

Call to Action

At Sustainability Kiosk, we specialize in helping the hospitality sector navigate regulations, achieve compliance, and implement sustainable solutions. Our expertise supports operational efficiency and showcases your unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Explore more at Sustainability Kiosk 
Speak to us to support your sustainability journey    

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Our Impact Stories

Angeline James, Executive Housekeeper at Anantara Resort, The Palm Dubai, is a finalist for the Sustainability Champion Award at Hotelier Middle East. In 2022, her team recycled an impressive 29,640 kg of glass, 1,800 kg of plastic, 453 kg of metal cans, and 38,000 kg of paper, earning them a monthly rebate of AED 2,800 for their
outstanding efforts. 

Check out our youtube video

On another note, since we started working with Millennium Place Dubai Marina, they have unlocked sustainable operations, & 
along with savings 
have built a strong brand reputation for their sustainability efforts.  

Check out our post

Regional Updates

Congratulations to this month’s changemakers making an impact. 

Rove Hotels to plant 28,000 trees for stays during the
COP28 period 

As COP28 UAE (Nov 30 – Dec 12, 2023) approaches, Rove Hotels pledges to plant 28,000 trees by year-end, matching one tree per room booked during the event. Partnering with environmental leaders Eden Reforestation Projects and W&A Consular, Rove is strengthening the UAE’s hospitality sustainability efforts. Their green initiatives, including Green Key certification and participation in the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, align with the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 goal. Kudos to Rove! 

Rixos Regional First GSTC Certification 

Rixos proudly joins the ranks of GSTC certified Hotel Properties as it aligns itself with the UAE’s year of sustainability. Rixos Hotels UAE are the first in the region to gain the GSTC certification.  Congratulations! 

Supplier Connect: New Partners on Sustainability Kiosk Platform

Hempy People: Hempy People and The Hempy Place Collection in Ajman is an experience-based store where the focus is on entertaining and educating everyone on all things Hemp. 

Sprngpod: The smart hotel app, from Sprngpod provides you with the ability to engage with your guests the way they have come to expect, reduce cost and increase sales. 

VDA- Telkonet: The VDA-Telkonet Group is the global player in the field of EMS and GRMS for the world Hospitality market. With a focus on People as a valuable element of smart technologies and by offering the right balance between maximizing comfort and saving energy.

Ehfaaz Recycling and Waste Management: Ehfaaz is a circular economy start-up committed to closed-loop recycling.  On a mission to give used resources a new life by using food and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) waste to produce organic compost and cleaning products. 

Important Dates to Consider

27th September: World Tourism Day; Try and travel more sustainably on this day. Eat a more sustainably friendly meal in the restaurant  (Vegetarian or Vegan) opt out of having those towels washed or linen changed, and choose to stay in a property that has a
strong commitment to sustainability. 

29th September – International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, recognizes the fundamental role that sustainable food production plays in promoting food security and nutrition.

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