S1E6: OLIO Food Sharing App: A Solution to Share More, Waste Less with Georgie Cella

一    Radhika Arapally
|    March 31, 2021

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OLIO  food sharing app, connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.

Georgie Cella passionately shares the journey of OLIO, which started with a whatsapp community and is now over 3 million users in 59 countries.  With the Volunteer Ambassadors and Food Waste Hero program, they work with restaurants, supermarkets to save surplus food and have so far rescued over 16 million portions of food and over 13,000 tonnes of co2 equivalent emissions avoided.

Her one message to the world is: Small actions can lead to big change. Collectively – one rescued cupcake, carrot or bottle of lotion at a time –  build a more sustainable future where our most precious resources are shared, not thrown away

Georgie also gave us an update about the next steps for OLIO and her favourite sustainable restaurant is the Roth Bar at Somerset, which serves local produced food.

Could OLIO be one of solution for surplus food in hospitality?

Please listen in and let us know your feedback and reviews on the podcast platform.

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