S131: Hotel Sustainability Leadership with John Roberts, Group Director Sustainability & Conservation, Minor Hotels (part 1)

一    Radhika Arapally
|    April 17, 2024

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The two-part episode is with ⁠John Roberts⁠, Group Director of Sustainability & Conservation at Minor Hotels. John brings over two decades of experience to his role, overseeing sustainability efforts across Minor Hotels’ portfolio of 500+ properties. If you listened to Part 1 above, you can check out Part 2 here.

Leading the Charge in Sustainability:

Under John’s leadership, Minor Hotels, which includes renowned brands like Anantara, Avani, NH Collection, Oaks, nhow, Tivoli and Elewana hotels has achieved significant milestones. These include a 20% reduction in water consumption and a 30% reduction in carbon emissions. But John’s passion goes beyond the numbers.  

Beyond the Numbers: A Passion for Sustainability and Conservation

John’s passion for sustainability extends far beyond the impressive statistics. He shares his vision for the evolving landscape for sustainability in the hospitality industry, outlining what the future holds for sustainability at MINOR Hotels. 

The interview is divided it into two parts for your convenience. In Part 1, we explore John’s insights on the broader trends shaping sustainable hospitality. Part 2, (accessed from here), dives into specific hotel strategies for plastic reduction.

Continuing the Conversation:

We are excited to continue the discussions with John in a future episode, where we will share the inspiring story of Anantara Golden Triangle, a hotel known for elephant conservation efforts.


Minor Hotels Sustainability Report:

Link to Youtube channel for full video:

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