S1E14: Eric Schaffner, Founder of ZeLoop - A Fun, Rewarding Solution to Encourage Recycling and Control Plastic Litter.

一    Radhika Arapally
|    August 23, 2021

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A great interview with Eric Schaffner founder of ZeLoop; on his journey from corporate world to launching ZeLoop – an app that rewards goodness. As Eric aptly says, “The issue is not plastic as a material, but the ways in which we use it and most importantly, how we dispose of it”. 

Within one year of launch, the app has quickly grown from UAE with a reach to 146 countries, across member base of 10,000 ZeLoopians; and over 300,000 bottles of plastic recycled. I personally like ZeLoop, as it solves for the environmental challenge of plastic litter; through the use of loyalty platform and blockchain technology. The mechanics of Zeloop can be explained in four simple steps: (1) You gather used plastic bottles, (2) Drop them at collection centers for recycling; (3) Upload a picture of deposited bottles on the app; and (4) Win tokens to get exciting rewards!

The platform of ZeLoop works across B2C and B2Bs, the likes of NestleDettol and Beeah (environmental management company) to name a few have already partnered with the app

…Could ZeLoop be the solution to decrease plastic-litter and motivate positive employee/consumer behaviour? 

if so, then lets get involved with ZeLoop, as it does protect the environment in a fun and rewarding way.

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