S1E13: Can We Travel Without Plastic? Conversation with Jo Hendrickx, CEO and Founder

一    Radhika Arapally
|    July 16, 2021

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…But it’s hard to avoid. Especially when you’re travelling.  No one likes to see litter on holiday, least of all on the beach, or floating around in the sea, and since David Attenborough opened our collective eyes to the effects of discarded plastic on wildlife, we like it even less.

Despite this, it’s estimated that the equivalent of one whole garbage truck of plastic waste enters the ocean every single minute and as a result there isn’t a beach on earth that isn’t polluted by plastic. A medium sized hotel can easily get through half a million individual single-use plastic items each year, much of it just out of habit or because hotel managers think it’s what guests want.” as quoted by Travel Without Plastic

Listen from Jo Hendrickx, CEO and Founder of Travel Without Plastic, as she provides practical cost effective solutions to reduce single-use plastic in tourism without compromising the guest experience or safety standards. If you are unsure of where to start, then the episode certainly has great examples foe inspiration. The key takeaway is to review your process constantly; and together with each one of us working together, we can make the change and reduce single use. #ReduceSingleUse.

She is also the author of the recently published report ‘Rethinking Single Use Plastic Products in Travel & Tourism’ by UNEP and the WTTC; and here is the download link.


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