S1E33. Introduction to Green Collection Hotels with Global Hotel Alliance by Jelena Kezika 

一    Radhika Arapally
|    April 22, 2024

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In this episode of Sustainability Stories Podcast, we speak with ⁠Jelena Kezika⁠, Global Strategy Director, Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), about their Green Collection initiative on the one-year anniversary since launch. 

The Green Collection is a group of 220 hotels in the GHA Discovery loyalty program committed to protecting the environment and supporting local communities. We discuss what criteria hotels need to meet to be included in the Green Collection and how GHA is helping its member hotels to become more sustainable. 

We also explore the positive impact that the Green Collection is having on the environment and local communities.  

Here are some of the key takeaways from the interview: 

  • GHA is working with its member hotels to implement a number of sustainability initiatives 
  • The Green Collection is having a positive impact on the environment and local communities.
  • GHA has seen members paying +85% more and staying +13% longer at The Green Collection hotels. 

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable travel, be sure to listen to the full episode! 

We are also live in Youtube.

On the occasion of the 1st Anniversary, we also announce a unique partnership with Global Collection Hotels – as we record further 11 stories to highlight the journey of these hotels at this point of time. #BeyondCop28.

Currently they also have an ongoing promotion of US$1 donation to charitable causes for every Green Collection hotel booking made via GHA DISCOVERY channels till 30 April 2024.

Hospitality is witnessing change because of climate change; and it is business imperative we all do our bit for the next generation. As we share these stories, we uncover the rationale, real change makers committing resources to reducing emissions. We encourage hoteliers to share stories and not just about reducing plastics in the operations, or its not about reducing food waste. Don’t get me wrong. These things are important, but it’s not the whole picture. We want to hear the holistic sustainability management practices they have implemented to benefit the people, planet, place and prosperity and share these with our listeners.

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