S1E9: Perspectives on Carbon Offsets, Biodiversity, Sustainable Supply Chain & Zero waste to landfill office by Prue Stone at Explore.

一    Radhika Arapally
|    May 15, 2021

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As a carbon neutral tour company offering 500 tours across 120 countries, Explore is uniquely placed to offer perspectives on responsible travel. In today’s episode with Prue Stone, Head of Sustainability at Explore shares her perspectives on four key topics and here is the summary snippet:

(1) To promote Biodiversity and animal welfare, the need is to bring nature to the table; right next to climate change and we need nature-based solutions. Dasgupta review acknowledges that Natural Capital is ignored in the process, and for Nature’s value to be at the heart of Economics.

(2) Embracing sustainability in your organization is possible through three main categories: (1)customers, (2)staff and (3)supply chain. Engaged supply chain drives resilience for the future. Listen in to hear how to engage and overcome barriers to bring change for sustainability.

(3) Perspectives on carbon offsets; and the framework you can use for introduction to any business. Do check if the offset plan chosen protects rainforest, restores what we lost, and rebuilds right tree for the right location. Is carbon offset the stop-gap solution for decarbonization?

(4) The change to zero-waste-to-landfill office by using solar panels on the roof, plant-based cleaning products, using renewable energy providers and many more.

Some of other remarks from our guest is to “Be brave to make changes, Fail if you may, and Learn”. Her source of inspiration has been David Attenborough from young age. Personally, I really enjoyed her closing remarks – to think of waste and how can you waste-less as a conscious consumer.

My favourite quote from Explore: “We believe travel should change us, not the world; that communities and cultures should benefit and flourish, and that we should leave nothing but footprints behind”.

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