S1E10: Woody Chan: What Does it Mean To Go Carbon Neutral? Also Career Advise for Graduates.

一    Radhika Arapally
|    June 1, 2021

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foodpanda, is one of the leading food delivery platform in Asia operating in 16 countries, and is on schedule to become a carbon neutral company by the end of 2021.

Woody Chan is the CSR & Sustainability Manager for foodpanda Hong Kong, enabling implementation and adoption of sustainability measures with restaurant partners. In this episode of Sustainability Stories Podcast, Woody explains the foodpanda proposition with parent company delivery hero, the support they provide to restaurant partners and partnerships established to go Carbon Neutral e.g: eco-certification and partnerships with  AyokoNgPlastic WWF and Food links

The three main sustainability focus areas for food delivery platform have been to 

  1. Reduce carbon emissions by offsets, 
  2. Reduce plastic waste by enabling door collection of plastic containers, sustainable packaging and 
  3. Tackling food waste by donating surplus food and introduction of smart features like less rice/noodle.

What is your sustainability strategy? If you don’t have one identified yet, then take time to challenge yourself.

As a millennial and TEDX speaker, Woody also shares career advise to graduates pursing this path. His favourite restaurant is Green Common which is plant based concept store.

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