S1E19: What are WASTE OFFSETS? Updates From Natasha Viitasaari Co-founder Nu Cycle

一    Radhika Arapally
|    December 1, 2021

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We have all heard of Carbon Offsets, i.e, Planting trees (act of carbon removal) to reverse for carbon we release to the environment. So, what is Waste offsets, and how can we reverse the waste generated into the environment?

To demystify this for us, we have Natasha Viitasaari co-founder of Nu Cycle joining us as the guest. Nu Cycle’s purpose is to be a solutions-based waste offset service for any individual or company to neutralize their waste impact. They have been featured in Vogue, Channel News Asia and are receiving the accolades for their innovative scaled capacity to reduce waste.

Listen to episode to learn about:

  1. What is the difference between Waste offsets and Carbon Offsets?
  2. Are the waste offsets certified and what sort of reporting can we expect?
  3. What makes Nu Cycle offsets unique in mission to “solve existing waste problem?”
  4. Learn about their partners and innovation technologies – GEO Trash Management pyrolysis technology which converts non-recyclable plastics or the Feedwerkz to convert bio-waste into livestock feed.
  5. To never under-estimate the role of marketing for a start-up
  6. Nu-cycle growth plans for 2022.

Do you want to offset your waste (either entire production or a type of waste) to develop new solutions; then Nu Cycle (a company that audits and offsets waste) has the answer for you.  As an individual or a business, you can partner with Nu cycle to offset waste in three waste streams of Bio-waste, Plastic and Glass.  E.g. in recent times, Sans Faff  as featured in Vogue, makes the case that by partnership with Nu Cycle, the waste created by a business’s supply chain could be offset to build a sustainable future for the world of fashion.

Guest Bio:

Natasha’s motivation comes from pursuing the sweet spot where invention and innovation crystalize through implementation. Always inspired by the incredible solutions that already exist – especially when they mimic nature – Natasha is dedicated to being a part of the change in seeing these visions realized and scaled for a more harmonious earth.

Holding Master’s degrees in Political Science and Public International Law from the University of Helsinki, Natasha has always been motivated by possibilities of change through social analysis and grass roots adaptation.  She is an active member of her community and a practicing Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Nu Cycle Key Achievements:


Awarded 50K Business Finland – Tempo Grant Funding Spring 2020 ( Successfully developed the MVP of Nu Cycle, as per project plan)

Competitions and Prizes

Entrepreneurship World Cup – Winner of Finland’s National Finals Sept 2020 with Nu Cycle concept.

Plastic Solver – Online learning platform and 1:1 weekly mentorship calls. Nu Cycle was awarded a place in this four month, plastic circular economy program designed by The Circulate Initiative and Sagana, a global impact investing firm.

Knowledge Graph Conference

Invitation to join their Modelling Sustainability Global Think-tank

Broadcast Network Channel News Asia: runs story on waste offset featuring Nu Cycle CNA X Nu Cycle

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