S1E11: Why Should We Compost and Use Compostable Packaging?

一    Radhika Arapally
|    June 16, 2021

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Join us on ⁠Sustainability Stories⁠ as we delve into the wonderful world of composting in the UAE and beyond. In this episode, we are honoured to be joined by John Arnold and Amish Choksey from GreenGood, a sustainable packaging and food waste composting company.

In this episode, we discuss the multiple benefits of composting and the rationale for using compostable packaging over degradable packaging. John Arnold and Amish Choksey set up GreenGood 11 years ago to provide sustainable packing solutions and composters to convert organic waste into compost residue within 24 hours.

GreenGood composter machines have been successfully running for 11 years and the best success story is from Ramada Ajman Hotel.

The other locations where you can spot their composting machines in the UAE are:

  • The Unilever Lipton plant
  • Jumeirah Hotel Al Qasr
  • Zabeel Palace
  • GEMS Modern Academy School
  • RAK Waste management
  • Fruit and Vegetable and Fish Market

For listeners of the show, GreenGood is offering 5% off their household composting unit, GG02, for the discounted price of AED 4275 (USD 1164). This small capacity composter weighs just 27kg and can convert 5.5kg of organic waste into immediate-use compost. The offer is valid until December 2022.

Amish has been using the household machine for over 10 years now and is a strong advocate for it.


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