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一    Harsh Shah
|    August 17, 2023

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As we wilt beneath the summer sun, and regions traditionally cooler than ours suffer from relentless heat waves, now is the perfect time to embrace our role as sustainability stewards.

World Overshoot Day, which fell on 02 August 2023 is determined yearly by the Global Footprint Network & signals when humanity surpasses the Earth’s regenerative capabilities. As this day arrives earlier each year, urgent action is needed to address excessive consumption and its far-reaching consequences.

How can you help?

Having our hotels become more sustainable by reducing energy and water consumption as well as reducing the amount of waste produced &
 ensuring that what waste is produced is adequately
diverted away from landfill. 

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 The Hotel Sustainability Basics Tool Kit

Want to make your hotel more sustainable but don’t know where to start? It’s time to look at The Hotel Sustainability Basics Tool Kit (The Basics) – a globally recognized indicator designed for hotels

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Dubai Sustainability Tourism Stamp      

Dubai introduces the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp, an initiative developed with the hospitality sector to accelerate sustainability efforts in tourism. Let’s support this eco-friendly movement and make Dubai a leading sustainable destination!     

Contact us now if you need help with your application.  

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Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is Connecting Hospitality  

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance  is connecting the industry with its new communications tool. The development of a cutting-edge app that empowers hotels and resorts to embrace sustainability is underway. With its comprehensive suite of tools, collaboration features, and guest engagement functionalities, the app aims to drive the hospitality industry towards a more environmentally conscious & socially responsible future.  

 Sustainability Certifications Demystified

Thinking of getting certified for your efforts in sustainability?  

Well, you should! 

According to a recent survey conducted by Cornell University, it was found that hotels with sustainability certifications experienced a 20% increase in their average daily rate (ADR) compared to
non-certified hotels. 

Sustainability certifications 
offer credibility, guidance, cost savings, & improved brand reputation.

Read our updated blog about certifications and determine which is right for you.

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