What else can you do to Improve Biodiversity around you?

一    Tiffany McGrath
|    March 1, 2023

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What else can you do to Improve Biodiversity around you?

Biodiversity; is the variety of life on Earth!

Biodiversity is important because it supports ecosystems’ many services, such as clean air and water, nutrient cycling, pollination, and climate regulation.

There are several significant threats to Biodiversity, including:

Habitat destruction and fragmentation: This is the most significant threat to Biodiversity, as it can lead to the loss of species and ecosystem services. Human activities such as deforestation, urbanisation, and agriculture are major drivers of habitat destruction. 

  1. Climate change: Rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and more frequent extreme weather events due to climate change are already affecting many species and ecosystems. This can lead to changes in species distributions, reduced reproductive success, and increased risk of extinction.
  2. Overexploitation: Overfishing, hunting, and harvesting of wild plants can lead to population declines and even extinction of some species. Additionally, the illegal wildlife trade can drive some species to the brink of extinction.
  3. Pollution: Pollution from sources such as agriculture, industry, and transportation can have negative impacts on Biodiversity, including reduced water quality, harm to aquatic organisms, and increased risk of disease for wildlife.
  4. Invasive species: Non-native species that are introduced to an ecosystem can disrupt native ecosystems and outcompete native species for resources, leading to population declines and even extinctions.

These threats often interact with each other and can have compounding effects on biodiversity loss. 

The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment; As part of its efforts to implement the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve Net Zero by 2050, launched the roadmap for the National Carbon Sequestration Project, which aims to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030, at the national level.

Why Mangroves?

Mangroves store more carbon per unit area than any other ecosystem on Earth. Mangrove forests cover just 0.1 percent of the planet’s surface but store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests. This carbon-storing superpower makes mangroves a critical part of the solution to climate change. Mangroves protect marine coastlines from erosion, create habitats for marine life and birds, and are some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Who can help plant them?

The Emirates Marine Environmental Group mission is to preserve Biodiversity in the UAE by planting mangroves and by:

  • Protecting endangered wildlife through conservation strategy
  • Actively participating in endangered species conservation efforts
  • Advancing scientific research through collaboration
  • Promoting environmental education within the local community
  • Conserving fragile ecosystems for future generations

The Jebel Ali Marine Reserve on the western border of Dubai is used as a base to develop and organise educational camps for schools, community members and corporate groups in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of regional environmental threats and issues.

Watch the Video 

Sustainability Kiosk joined Emirates Marine Environmental Group, and partners EcoMatcher for an informative morning, learning about mangroves, Biodiversity, mangrove and tree planting within the UAE.

How EcoMatcher helps 

EcoMatcher, a certified B corporation, plants trees and complete forests with vetted foundations and NGOs from around the world specialising in planting trees. Through technology, EcoMatcher knows everything about every tree offering total transparency. Every tree can be virtually visited. Companies use trees for corporate gifting, rewards, loyalty, and employee engagement programs.

Tree Planting Partners: EcoMatcher partners with carefully selected and vetted tree planting organisations from around the world and in this case has partnered with Emirates Marine Environmental Group.

Why is transparency in tree planting important?  Transparent tree planting offers consumers and companies insights into where their contribution is going. It prevents greenwashing, ensuring you support organisations that plant every tree they commit to and look after them. Transparency holds every player in the supply chain accountable, ensuring the most ethical practices and real impact on the planet.

Watch the Video 

What you can you do to improve the Biodiversity around you?

If you’re looking to hold a tree planting event in the UAE, consider planting mangroves with EMEG, or consider EcoMatcher and using trees for corporate gifting, rewards, loyalty, and employee engagement options.

Contact us for more information on either of the impactful organisations. (Images Courtesy of EcoMatcher)

Written by: Tiffany McGrath

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