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一    Tiffany McGrath
|    March 8, 2023

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As we focus on Women’s day, let’s spotlight “Women in Leadership positions and its impact on adopting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).”

First, Why is it RELEVANT? 
A study by World Economic Forum has shown that in Governments, effective female leadership has seen fewer deaths and faster action, motivating and inspiring others around them. Women in leadership are suitable for the planet, as it favours long-term thinking, collaboration, transparency and inclusion.

So, What is the PROBLEM? 
Breaking down gender diversity as you rise through the ranks is complex. 
Gender bias sees many women overlooked. Often, women are more likely to have caregiving responsibilities, bringing into question their availability and commitment to the roles and the stereotypical discrimination that they are less able. 

A recent report released by Aptamind Partners and WTTC regarding women in the leisure industry has found that the leisure industry is facing a gender diversity crisis, with only 7% of the top CEO and chair spots held by women. In stark contrast to the 50-50 gender balance of the overall workforce.   

The time it takes for the gender gap to close grew by 36 years in just 12 months, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report.  The report also estimates that it will take an average of 135.6 years for women and men to reach parity on a range of factors worldwide instead of the 99.5 years outlined in the 2020 report due to the pandemic and the disproportionate economic impact on women. 


What can you do? Look at the table around you; what can you do? 

Inspire others by;

  • being a role model,  
  • mentor, 
  • advocate and  
  • creating a supportive work environment that promotes gender equality and diversity.

Inspirational Stories:
Overall, the UAE’s efforts to promote women’s leadership in government have successfully inspired women to take on leadership positions and participate in public service.  As of 2022, we learnt that:

  • #UAE has nine women in the cabinet 
  • The average age is 38
  • The youngest minister is 22 years old

A message for my fellow women leaders and men would be:
Lead from the front; lead by example.

Aradhana Khowala

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