Waste Not, Want Not: Why Food Waste Must Be Monitored In The Hospitality Industry

一    Tiffany McGrath
|    January 4, 2024

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In the vibrant world of hospitality, where culinary experiences take centre stage, a hidden shadow lurks – food waste. It’s an issue plaguing hotels and restaurants globally, not only squandering precious resources but also weighing heavily on our planet. But, amidst the clinking of plates and the hum of conversation, a silent revolution is brewing.  

Driven by the UAE’s innovative “ne’ma National Food Loss & Waste Initiative”, a wave of awareness is washing over the hospitality industry in the region, urging us to conquer food waste, one plate at a time. 

Why monitor, you ask? Imagine a kitchen operating blindfolded. Ingredients are prepped, dishes are plated, but the invisible hand of waste casts a long shadow. Without monitoring, we’re left guessing at the true extent of the problem. Monitoring is the key to unlocking data, the fuel for informed action. It’s like lifting the blindfold, revealing the areas where food goes astray, be it over-ordering, portion control, or even guest behaviour. 

This is where Food Intel Tech (FIT) , a revolutionary tool developed by Light Blue Consulting Group in partnership with “The PLEDGE on Food Waste”, steps in. FIT acts as your kitchen’s digital guardian angel, meticulously tracking every morsel. From ingredient usage to plate waste, it paints a clear picture of your food journey, pinpointing areas for improvement.   

Top Six Benefits of FIT: 

  1. Transparency is key: Gain real-time insights into your food waste, identifying hotspots and quantifying the impact. No more guesswork, just actionable data. 
  2. Target setting made easy: Set realistic, data-driven goals for waste reduction. Track your progress, celebrate milestones, and watch your impact grow. 
  3. Empowerment in every plate: Equip your staff with the knowledge to make informed choices. Educate them on portion control, creative menu planning, and responsible waste management. 
  4. Cost savings that tantalize: Reducing food waste translates to direct financial savings. Optimize your purchasing, reduce spoilage, and watch your bottom line flourish. 
  5. Sustainability, the ultimate reward: By minimizing waste, you’re not just saving money; you’re also contributing to a healthier planet. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved resource utilization, and a smaller environmental footprint – that’s a recipe for success we can all savour. 
  6. Simple and easy to use: Streamline 4 step process for fast recording allows your team to get back to what they do best, being in a kitchen creating. 

While FIT empowers you to understand your food waste story, The PLEDGE on Food Waste takes it a step further, guiding you towards tangible, impact-driven change.  

This comprehensive third-party audited, certified program acts as your roadmap to food waste reduction, offering a wealth of benefits beyond just data insights, it offers; 

  1. Structured framework: The Pledge provides a clear, seven-pillar framework encompassing everything from procurement and portion control to staff training and guest awareness. It’s a roadmap, not a freefall, ensuring your journey towards sustainability is measured and effective. 
  2. Credibility and Recognition: Achieving “The PLEDGE on Food Waste” certification signifies your commitment to responsible food management. Earn the coveted “PLEDGER” status, a badge of honour recognized by discerning diners and industry leaders alike. 
  3. Benchmarking and Improvement: Compare your performance against a global network of PLEDGERS, staying abreast of best practices and pinpointing areas for further improvement. 
  4. Expert Support: Gain access to Light Blue’s team of dedicated food waste consultants, your culinary sustainability cheerleaders. Get personalized guidance, training, and troubleshooting to keep you on track. 
  5. Marketing Advantage: Showcase your commitment to sustainability to eco-conscious guests. Differentiate yourself in the market and attract diners who value responsible practices. 

The perfect culinary duo: FIT reveals your food waste story, while The PLEDGE provides the roadmap to change it. From data-driven insights to a structured framework, they empower you to move from awareness to action, transforming your kitchens into havens of responsible indulgence.  

Commit to decarbonising food in the UAE, embrace this powerful partnership, monitor waste, and rewrite the narrative of food. Join the movement. Remember, waste not, want not! 

Don’t know where to start? 

We are UAE-accredited experts for The PLEDGE on Food Waste certification. If you want to get started with certification and have more knowledge to control food waste, then write to us at 

We are seeing great results with Anantara The Palm Dubai and their all-day dining restaurant and will be ready to share results by the end of Feb’24. 

P.S. Explore the Food Intel Tech (FIT) monitoring tool and The PLEDGE today – together, let’s make a difference, plate by plate.  

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