The Rise of ESG and Travel Management Reporting

一    Tiffany McGrath
|    December 22, 2023

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Businesses are increasingly under pressure to disclose their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Investors are factoring ESG performance into their decision-making, and regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are mandating transparency. This includes reporting on travel emissions, a significant contributor to corporate carbon footprints.

Travel Companies Embrace Sustainability:

Travel management companies (TMCs) are responding to this demand by offering sustainability features integrated into their platforms. Travel management systems (TMS) integrate ESG style reporting software and facilitate data collection and analysis, helping businesses track their travel emissions and create comprehensive reports.

Beyond Tracking: Taking Action:

The top TMSs go beyond mere reporting and offer solutions to reduce or offset emissions.

These options include:

  • Emissions reductions: Some TMSs, invest in biofuel and removal technologies to actively reduce clients’ travel footprint.
  • Quality carbon offsets: Credible offsetting initiatives, verified by third-party organizations, ensure emissions are genuinely neutralized.
  • Sustainable booking prompts: Encouraging employees to choose lower-emission travel options, like trains over flights, helps minimize impact.
  • Education and awareness: Building a company culture that prioritizes sustainability empowers employees to make informed choices.

Choosing the Right Partner:

Not all TMSs prioritize sustainability equally. Carefully consider your needs and goals when choosing a partner. Look for features like:

  • Integrated ESG reporting and emissions tracking
  • Credible offsetting options
  • Investment in emissions reduction technologies
  • Support for sustainable travel choices
  • Transparent data and reporting

We suggest you take a look at;


  • Focus: Carbon footprint reduction and offsetting.
  • Features: Integrates with existing TMS, calculates CO2 emissions for each trip, recommends eco-friendlier travel options like trains and electric vehicles, offsets emissions through verified carbon reduction projects at no cost to the traveler.


  • Focus: Data-driven insights for sustainable travel decision-making.
  • Features: Analyzes travel data to identify areas for improvement, suggests alternative travel options with lower emissions, provides real-time carbon footprint tracking, and integrates with sustainability reporting tools.

SAP Concur:

  • Focus: Comprehensive sustainability suite within a broader travel management platform.
  • Features: Eco-conscious search filters for flights, hotels, and ground transportation, carbon footprint calculation and offsetting options, employee education on sustainable travel practices, integration with sustainability reporting tools.


  • Focus: Transparency and choice in sustainable travel options.
  • Features: Displays carbon footprint comparisons for different travel choices, offers eco-friendly filters for booking flights and hotels, partners with carbon offsetting programs, and provides sustainability reports to track progress.

A Win-Win Situation:

Investing in sustainable travel solutions benefits both businesses and the environment. It can:

  • Enhance brand reputation and attract conscious customers and investors.
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Reduce compliance risks and prepare for future regulations.
  • Minimize environmental impact and contribute to positive climate action.

Making Travel Greener, One Step at a Time:

By integrating ESG reporting with impactful sustainability features, travel companies can empower businesses to make informed choices and reduce their environmental footprint. This shift towards greener travel is not just a trend, it’s a necessary step towards a more sustainable future.

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