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一    Harsh Shah
|    November 17, 2023

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Deciding to eliminate plastic water bottles from your organization is yet another positive step in the journey towards sustainable hospitality operations. This single change has an impact and the potential to remove over 20,000 water bottles from a 200-room operation monthly. 

The Global Issue

Plastic Pollution and the volume of waste generated by the hospitality industry are of great concern as we know. With staggeringly low recycling rates, it only makes sense to “Refuse” to generate the waste in the first place. Refusing plastic or glass single-use water bottles in favour of a more sustainable reusable solution is an easy swap. 

Only 9% of Plastic is recycled globally and plastic water bottles take upwards of 450 years to degrade.

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Why is it a Sustainable Solution?

Implementing an in-house bottle free dispenser system or bottling plant eliminates the creation and elimination of potentially millions of single use water bottles. Refuse and Reuse! 

The Product

Liquid of Life water filtration products are perfect for offices, gyms, schools, hotels, hospitals, and many other businesses. The solutions range from standalone water dispensers, bar top setups and fully automated customizable bottling plants. Each has a combination of still, sparkling, hot, cold and ambient temperatures, along with enhanced sterile and hygiene functions. The selection of proprietary filters specifically designed for water in this region make Liquid of Life unique, and ensures you always serve your guests the best-tasting water possible.  

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How do I know what’s right for me?

Following a thorough feasibility report, the team customizes the ideal solution based on your needs, ensuring ongoing peace of mind. Features include ice-bank cooling, hot water, premium design, exceptional taste, Cu+SAFEPATH for bacterial immunity, UV protection in premium Flux models, and chilled sparkling water options. 

Commercial Benefits


  • Transport and landfill costs. 
  • Glass recycling costs. 
  • Buying single-use items. 
  • Bespoke proprietary filtration ensuring the highest quality of water and taste. 
  • A step further towards being more sustainable hospitality operations. 
  • The footprint is surprisingly small. 

What you can do 

Make the switch now to bottle free dispensers, or an in-house bottling plant and remove single use water bottles from your operation. 

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