Insights from Hotel Sales Marketing Association Panel Discussion 

一    Radhika Arapally
|    November 29, 2023

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At a conference of over 300 hospitality Commercial professionals, our founder, Radhika Arapally, took the helm as the moderator for the panel discussion “Does Sustainability Drive Profits” conference held at Conrad Dubai. The event brought together a diverse panel of hotel brands who shared real-life sustainability examples from Middle East hotels, shedding light on the journey from investment to sustainability. 

We extend our gratitude to;

For generously sharing their insights and experiences in navigating the challenges of embracing sustainability within their respective hotels. 

Key Highlights from the Panel Discussions: 

🌟 Sustainability Isn’t Necessarily a Huge Investment: The panel emphasized that sustainability initiatives can be #cost-neutral, says COO of Rove Hotels. 

🌟 Anantara The Palm’s Remarkable #WasteDiversion Journey: Through strategic tech investments, collaboration with the right suppliers, and the dedication of a passionate team, Anantara The Palm achieved a remarkable waste diversion increase from 5% to 76%. 

🌟 Hilton’s hotels in UAE, measure and Mitigating #FoodWaste for Cost Savings and Revenue Growth: Implementing measurements for food waste, along with local sourcing and effective mitigation strategies, not only saves costs but also contributes to revenue growth. 

🌟 The Power of #Teamwork in Sustainable Practices: Sustainability thrives on teamwork; it’s a collective effort that should permeate all job functions. Cross-functional training emerged as a crucial element for long-term sustainability. 

🌟 Guarding Against #Greenwashing: The panel addressed the threat of greenwashing to true sustainability. To ensure authenticity, marketing efforts should be backed by data, transparency, certifications, and tangible guest experiences at the hotel. 

The discussions presented invaluable insights and actionable strategies, positioning our industry as a frontrunner in #sustainability and #responsibility. We are inspired to continue this journey, and we hope to inspire others to join us in creating a more sustainable future. 

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