Executive Roundtable for Net Positive Hospitality hosted by Sustainability Kiosk

一    Radhika Arapally
|    March 6, 2024

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Sustainability Kiosk is proud to host a collaborative Executive Roundtable for Net Positive Hospitality in partnership with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance on 7th March 2024 at Ananatara The Palm, Dubai Resort. This invitation-only networking brings together senior leaders from leading hotel brands, management companies, and ownership groups for a face-to-face forum focused on advancing sustainability within the hospitality industry.

Building a Community for Sustainable Action:

The Executive Roundtable creates a space for hospitality leaders to share knowledge, best practices, and forge connections that will propel the industry towards a more sustainable future. By fostering collaboration, the roundtable aims to identify innovative solutions and strategies that can be implemented across the hospitality sector.

Net Positive Hospitality Simulation Game

A key feature of the Executive Roundtable is the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation Game. This interactive simulation challenges participants to manage a virtual hotel for seven years, with the goal of achieving net positive hospitality while maintaining financial performance. Through the game, hoteliers gain practical insights into the complex considerations of sustainable hotel operations.

Sustainability Leadership in Action

The Sustainability Kiosk Executive Roundtable is a valuable platform for hospitality leaders to exchange ideas, develop solutions, and take concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.  By working together, the hospitality industry can make a significant contribution to environmental protection and social well-being.

Call to Action

Sustainability Kiosk is a leading regional provider of sustainability solutions for the hospitality industry.  We are committed to helping hotels achieve their sustainability goals. To learn more about our services, please register with us to be invited for future events.

Watch here for our 2023 Roundtable Discussion with Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Read more for 5 key takeaways from the March 2024 Roundtable.

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