Sustainable Hospitality Alliance 5-Year Plan Unveiled.

一    Tiffany McGrath
|    June 14, 2023

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The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s 5-year strategy was presented to members in Berlin June 2023.  The ambitious plan aims to Accelerate Net Positive Hospitality through strategic industry leadership, collaborative action, harmonizing metrics and regenerative solutions.  

The alliance believes More than traditional sustainability practices are now required. We must adopt a holistic approach to positively impact the environment, society, and the economy, rather than simply minimising impacts. 

Three key initiatives to achieving their goals include; 

  • NetPositive Pathway; providing a framework for Industry-led standards and benchmarking, aligning ambition, creating shared definitions on standards & creating evidence-based meaningful metrics and, ultimately, certification.
  • High Ambition Movers; impactful partnership with ambitious alliance members that forge large-scale commitments.
  • Accelerators; leveraging alliance members to launch pilot initiatives to drive large-scale change in destinations. Accelerator’s focus areas include; Employability, Accessibility, Equity and Gender Empowerment, Financing, Technology, Green Building Practices, Responsible Resourcing, and Nature Positive Tourism. Read more 

These are indeed exciting times for the Alliance, and we are proud to be champions of their cause, being reminded of our fantastic event last month, where we jointly hosted a regional roundtable discussion in Dubai, bringing together various brands and stakeholders to discuss the positive impact of sustainability on financial returns and guest satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

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