S1E28: Green Hotels: How to Spot the Real Thing

一    Harsh Shah
|    December 27, 2023

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In this episode, we delve into the murky waters of sustainability claims in the hospitality industry. 

Radhika Arapally hosts Wayne Mckinnon, CEO of Green Growth 2050 certification, to dissect the authenticity of hotel eco-initiatives through certification. They explore:

  • Why certifications matter: Unmask the crucial role certifications play in separating genuine green efforts from mere marketing ploys. To read more on other certifications, read our blog to know more this topic.
  • Green Growth 2050’s edge: Discover what sets this certification apart from the pack, ensuring hotels walk the talk, not just greenwash.
  • The green bottom line: Uncover the tangible benefits of certification, from cost savings to attracting eco-conscious clientele.
  • Beyond leisure vs. business: Learn how different hotel types, from city-center hubs to sprawling resorts, can leverage certification for success.
  • Net Zero support: Explore how certification paves the path to Net Zero goals and identify who takes the helm in achieving them.
  • Corporate accountability: Investigate whether hotel chains are doing enough to reach Net Zero targets, and what needs to change.
Guide to support in choosing the right certificate.

This podcast is a great listen for hospitality professionals and conscious travelers alike. Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of sustainability claims and expose the true path to a greener future for the industry for Net Positive Hospitality.

We at Sustainability Kiosk, support hotels in getting certified. Our client Anantara Resort The Palm Dubai is leading platinum certified and you can listen to podcast here for challenges and opportunities as described by the General Manager James Hewitson and Director of Engineering Mohamed Abdelwaheb on our episode 17 by accessing the link here.

Podcast Episode with Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

If you are looking at food certification specifically, we are lead accredited on food waste certification, and can support with The PLEDGE on Food Waste certification

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