Navigating the Green Horizon: A Glimpse into GHA’s Sustainable Journey  

一    Tiffany McGrath
|    November 24, 2023

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Navigating the Green Horizon: A Glimpse into GHA’s Sustainable Journey  

In the dynamic landscape of hospitality, sustainability has become a paramount consideration for both travellers and hoteliers. The Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), launched its “Green Collection” in 2022, bringing under one umbrella nearly 200 hotels, resorts and palaces – operated by GHA hotel brands that are demonstrating their commitment to protecting the planet and its people.  

The Green Collection accounts for almost one-quarter of GHA Discovery’s portfolio and includes brands such as Capella Hotels & Resorts, Kempinski Hotels, Parkroyal Collection, Anantara Hotels & Resorts, Avani Hotels & Resorts, and Niccolo Hotels. Every Green Collection property has attained at least one certification from a globally recognised environmental organisation, with EarthCheck, Green Growth 2050, Green Key and Green Globe among the 15 leading certification bodies represented.  

On 20th November 2023, we were invited to the #ULTRAs ceremony hosted by Global Hotel Alliance and Ultratravel Limited at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai; it was a pleasure to see the inauguration of the #GreenCollection and Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore, winning the award. 


Image Courtesy of Anantara Hotels & Resorts

Why Sustainability Kiosk Advisors Applaud the Green Collection:  

As sustainability hospitality advisors, we find ourselves particularly excited about the positive implication this endeavour holds for the industry for a number of reasons. 

1. Commitment to Green Practices: The Green Collection symbolizes a commitment to adopting and promoting green practices within the hospitality sector. GHA’s Green Collection is more than a mere commitment to environmental responsibility; it’s a testament to the alliance’s dedication to redefining luxury through sustainable practices.   

2. Guest Education and Engagement: GHA’s Green Collection goes beyond internal initiatives; it actively involves guests in the journey towards sustainability. By fostering awareness and engagement, hotels in the collection empower guests to make eco-conscious choices during their stays.  

3. Innovation in Sustainable Luxury: The Green Collection showcases that sustainability and luxury are not mutually exclusive. Through innovative practices, these hotels demonstrate that guests can indulge in luxurious experiences while respecting the environment.  

4. Benchmark for the Industry: GHA’s initiative serves as a benchmark for the entire hospitality industry. We recognize the importance of setting high standards, and the Green Collection does just that by inspiring other hotels to embark on their sustainability journeys.  

5. Alignment with Global Goals: The Green Collection is aligned with global sustainability goals, reflecting GHA’s commitment to contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future.  We appreciate initiatives that actively contribute to broader global agendas.  

6. Collaboration Opportunities: GHA’s Green Collection opens doors for collaboration between sustainability experts and member hotels. As sustainability advisors, we can play a vital role in assisting hotels to achieve and exceed their sustainability targets, fostering a collaborative approach towards a greener future.  

The Road Ahead: Collaborating Towards Sustainable Luxury  

At Sustainability Kiosk, we are enthusiastic about the Green Collection’s potential to drive positive change in the industry. We look forward to collaborating with GHA member hotels, sharing insights, implementing best practices, and collectively advancing towards a future where sustainable luxury is the norm.  

GHA’s commitment to sustainability reflects not only a strategic business move but a profound acknowledgment of the interconnectedness between hospitality, the environment, and the well-being of communities.  The Green Collection serves as a guiding light, pointing towards a more sustainable and responsible future for luxury hospitality. 

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