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Consultancy Services

Discover our 5-Star qualified sustainability & marketing consultancy services for hospitality.

Access experts from other industries and specialities in our Services category.

Consultancy Services

Discover our 5-Star qualified sustainability & marketing consultancy services for hospitality.

Access experts from other industries and specialities in our Services category.

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Client Thoughts

Buyers and sellers who are happy to share their experience

“We believe that The PLEDGE™ is creating an opportunity to engage not only our strong hospitality industry but further ignite the appetite from distinctive diners who are increasingly expecting responsible gastronomy. Our goal is to become a case study for other countries and destinations to follow suit.”

Mickaël Apaya

Head of Sustainability & Inclusive Growth, Business Mauritius

Very informative, Worth a listen for those in hospitality and care about sustainability

April Lloyd

Climate Change Strategic Advisor

Sustainable Tourism isn’t just managing destination development, buildings or limited impact on the environment. It’s also about limiting the impact on the local community and the animals in the area. Have a listen to this excellent podcast.

Trudy Allen

Digital Marketing Specialist, Project Manager & Content writer at OUTZED.US

Absolutely loved this podcast Sustainable hospitality. Related to the UAE and how changes can be made here. Keep up the great work.

Manali Soparkar, Influencer

Manali Soparkar

Manali Soparkar, Influencer

After several months of working with Radhika in Sustainability & Waste Management projects, the team is delighted with the significant results

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we have achieved so far. One of Radhika’s strongest points which aids her in assisting, motivating and keeping our team on the right track is her knowledge of the ins and outs of the hotel’s various operations and departments. Radhika can always manage to work on both long- and short-term plans to achieve the required results. With the assistance of Radhika, the team managed to achieve results exactly as promised and within the timeline. Due to her outstanding work performance in our Sustainability and Waste Management projects, the team highly recommends Radhika for any organization.

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Mohamed Abdelwahab

Area Director of Engineering – Middle East

I love the format, Interesting perspectives on such an important topic

Joerg Demuth

Chief Product Officer, Urbn Nature

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