Sustainability Highlights from the Leadership and F&B Forum at The Hotel Show

一    Tiffany McGrath
|    June 5, 2024

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Carbon Conscious Hospitality – Insights from the The Leadership and F&B Forum, at The Hotel Show, Dubai World Trade Centre 2024.

I was honoured to speak at The Leadership and F&B Forum, part of The Hotel Show, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Joining me were distinguished panelists: Theodor Kubak, Managing Partner Arbireo Capital  (Moderator), Bryanne Trait, Global Senior Director Sustainability at Jumeirah Group, John Timson, Vice President Sustainability and Safety at Accor Premium, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific. Kelly Timmins, Director, Marine Animal Operations and Sustainability at Atlantis Dubai,  Richard Haddad, CEO of Ishraq Hospitality.

COP28 provided a springboard for our conversation, highlighting the importance of maintaining the momentum gained during the event The discussion delved into the multifaceted nature of environmental impact and its interpretation by each organisation. There was an overwhelming consensus on the need for measurable actions to achieve CO2 reduction goals, emphasizing the importance of measuring, reporting, and benchmarking progress. The panel agreed that Certifications with independent third-party and required recertification were meaningful, though consolidation of certifications is needed.

The panel also acknowledged the growing consumer demand for sustainable practices. While cost remains a factor it’s imperative sustainability is not seen as a cost centre. Instead, the entire organisation needs to be activated and engaged in the long-term vision.  The importance of a strong social agenda alongside environmental initiatives was emphasized.

The Leadership and F&B Forum, at the Hotel Show provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of carbon-conscious hospitality. By embracing sustainable practices, the industry is creating significant change and positive environmental impact.

Read more about my views on carbon conscious Hospitality here.

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